Juryns motiveringar, in English

Årets Artist /Artist of the Year

 For going after ones heart, and not after ones eyes, the award for Artist of the Year goes to a singer songwriter, whose songs are both personal and political. Who dares to defy, where dozens comply. She is both charismatic and courageous, inspirational and infectious. She is a two time Swedish Grammy nominee; a member of Nationalteaterns Rockorkester, and in the span of 5 years, has recorded and released four albums covering soul, r n’ b, blues, big band jazz, rock and reggae. She defies categorization, borders and genres. Ladies and gentlemen the 2010 Maisha Artist of the Year goes to the Ugandan, Kampala e`migre` –  the  Blaqalixious, ”Kokoo Girl” – Jaqee!

Årets Inspiratör/Inspirer of the Year

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving  picture worth? More so how much is it worth for a woman of colour? The award for Inspirer of the Year goes to a successful scriptwriter and director, whose stories for both the big screen and the little screen both affect and effect. A woman whose filmography includes TV dramas, short films, commercials and music videos. A woman whose integrity and passion for film should serve as an inspiration for other black women to come to the fore, and get behind the lens. With a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Fine Art, and the merit of being the only Swedish film director nominated at the Venice Film festival in 2007. She is living proof that there is a place for black women in the film and TV industry in Sweden. Ladies and gentlemen, the Maisha Inspirer of the Year goes to Caroline Cowan!

Årets Entreprenör/Entrepreneur of the Year

 ”Behind every successful man is a woman”. Which then raises the question, what is behind every successful woman?  The award for Entrepreneur of the Year goes to a woman who has shown great resilience in the face of adversity.and overcome  a destructive and oppressive marriage to create a thriving business, centered around, extensions, braids, plaits, dreadlocks and cornrows. It is a business she has run successfully for six years. Her success has led to such accolades as  a collaboration with fashion giant Elle magazine.  She was and is also instrumental in creating a platform for African hair and fashion to be showcased in Sweden, by way of a mastodon hair and fashion show involving a host of models and live music. A show that she plans to hold annually. But perhaps the most striking of her achievements has been to introduce one of kind, diploma certified, courses in  extensions, dreadlocks, braiding and platting. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 Maisha Entrepreneur of the Year goes to the founder and owner of Africa Magic Salong –  Awa Ndao!

Årets Kvinna/Woman of the Year 

The Woman of the Year is being awarded to a woman who has been recognized for her extensive efforts in the field of research, in the immunology of leprosy and the mechanisms of resistance to the infections caused by the parasite leishmania.. Her contributions in this field include showing the importance of natural immunity to leishmaniasis in humans, and the consequences of co-infection of HIV with the leishmania infection.

Her studies also include significant efforts to develop an affordable tool for the diagnosis of the causative agent of river blindness. At present, she is involved in the study to find a method for improving the results of the anti-tuberculosis vaccine, BCG, in low income countries, through de-worming.

She has served a telling 12 years in the research steering committees of the World Bank , the United Nations Development  Program and the World Health Organizations’ special program on Tropical Disease Research.

And yet, with all of these  achievements, she still finds the capacity to supervise PHD candidates, mentor young scientists, chair the European Malaria Vaccine Initiative and raise three daughters! Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 Maisha Woman of the Year is Professor Hannah Akuffo



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